Partner Visa Changes in 2021

The Department of Home Affairs have recently announced that there will be Partner visa changes in 2021. These changes are expected to commence in November 2021. Although this is the expected commencement, this is not yet definite.

English Requirements for visa applicants

Partner Visa changes in 2021 will include that all visa applicants will need to provide evidence of Functional English ability. This will be required in order to be granted the permanent visa (Stage 2).

There are multiple ways that an applicant can evidence Functional English. See the Department of Home Affairs website for more information: Functional English.

If an applicant can’t show evidence of Functional English as per the Partner visa changes in 2021, they will be required to attend an Adult Migrant English program which consists of 500 hours of study.

New Sponsorship Arrangements

The Department has also announced that Partner visa changes in 2021 will also mean that a Partner visa application cannot be lodged without a Sponsorship application being approved first.

Sponsors will also need to provide evidence of Functional English and meet character checks before the Sponsorship application can be approved.

How will the Partner visa changes in 2021 affect me?

If you are looking to lodge a partner visa, keep in mind that the changes to the partner visa application could affect your lodgement timing. As the visa applicant, you will need to ensure that you have a visa that will allow you to lawfully remain in Australia while you prepare and lodge the sponsorship application, and wait for it to be approved.

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