Coronavirus Updates for Visitor Visa Holders

As the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic continues, the Australian Government is working hard to preserve our economy. Sadly, many businesses having to shut down. This does not directly affect Visitor visa holders in Australia, who have no work rights whilst in Australia. However, there have been several Coronavirus updates for Visitor visa holders in Australia. These are outlined below.

Visitor visa holders told to return home

The Government has advised Visitor visa holders to return home. They are not able to work, and therefore not able to contribute to the Australian workforce. This puts additional strain on the Australian economy.

Those who have no further visa options in Australia, should make arrangements to leave. There is currently no financial support available for visitor visa holders in Australia.

As part of the Coronavirus updates for Visitor visa holders in Australia, Prime Minister Scott Morrison made several statements this week. Mr Morrison stated: “As much as it’s lovely to have visitors to Australia in good times, at times like this, if you are a visitor in this country, it is time … to make your way home.”

Further visa applications

Visitor visa holders who intend to make a further application in Australia should do so before their current visitor visas expire. We strongly recommend any visa holder to avoid becoming unlawful.

Remember that you can only lodge an application (for most other visa subclasses) onshore if your Visitor visa is not subject to Condition 8503 (‘No Further Stay‘).

Travel restrictions into Australia

It is currently not possible to travel out of Australia and return again to renew your stay, if you hold a visitor visa with multiple entries of 3 months at a time. This is due to the current travel restrictions in place in Australia. The Government is only allowing Australian Citizens, Australian Permanent Residents, or immediately family members of an Australian into Australia. Therefore, you need to ensure you plan your visa pathway accordingly.

Click here for the full news article on the ABC news site. The media release ‘Coronavirus and Temporary Visa Holders’ outlines the advice for Visitor visa holders in Australia to depart as soon as possible.

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