Are Australian visas free? If not, how much will I pay?

Australia’s visa system is comprehensive. There are many different visas to suit different needs and different nationalities. Most Australian visas are not free, therefore it is likely that you will have to pay for your Australian visa application.

“How much?”, you ask. Well – that all depends on the visa subclass you are applying for. Many visas cost the same regardless of your nationality. For instance, most skilled permanent visas are roughly AUD$4,045 for the primary applicant. Similarly, the partner visa will currently set you back AUD$7,715.

Some visa subclasses are only available to certain passport-holders. For example, there are several different visitor visas. If you hold an eligible passport, you may be able to apply for a free visitor visa.

For those who do not hold an eligible passport, they will need to apply for a subclass 600 visitor visa. The subclass 600 visa has a different cost, depending on where you are located when you apply. For example – if you are inside Australia, the visa will cost you $365. On the other hand – if you are outside Australia, the visa will cost you just $145.

Please refer to the ‘Current visa pricing table‘ on the Department of Home Affairs website for the full list of visa subclasses and prices.

Are there any Australian visas that are free?

There are very few visa subclasses that are free. Some visas will be free if you meet very specific requirements. However, these visas and situations are not common. They will not apply to most applicants.

Here are the common visa subclasses that are free of charge:

  • Subclass 601 – Electronic Travel Authority visa
  • Subclass 651 – eVisitor visa
  • Subclass 444 – Special Category visa – If you are a New Zealand Citizen, you may not even be aware that you apply for a new temporary visa every time you enter Australia.
  • Subclass 010 – Bridging Visa A – there are no fees for a Bridging Visa A.

Do the visa prices ever change?

The cost of visas changes from time to time, usually on 1 July. In other words, visa prices may change at the start of a new financial year. The Department of Home Affairs usually announces any upcoming fee changes in advance. As a result, there is usually enough notice to plan your pathway.

Surcharge payable for Australian visas

When you pay your visa application charge a surcharge may apply. Likewise, a surcharge applies to sponsorship or nomination fees. The current surcharge rates are:

  • American Express — 1.40%
  • Visa — 1.32%
  • PayPal — 1.00%
  • Diners Club International — 1.99%
  • JCB — 1.40%
  • Mastercard — 1.32%
  • Union Pay — 1.90%

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