ANZSCO ‘Occupation Dictionary’ needs to be reviewed

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has recently completed a small update of its occupation framework – referred to as ANZSCO. Many industry experts are saying that the ANZSCO ‘Occupation Dictionary’ needs to be reviewed.

What is ANZSCO?

ANZSCO stands for ‘Australia New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations’. The ANZSCO list includes ‘all’ occupations, including information on the skill level, qualifications and/or experience needed to work in each occupation.

Why the ANZSCO ‘Occupation Dictionary’ needs to be reviewed

A full review of the list is required to ensure that the occupations listed match our current economy. The ANZSCO list was last reviewed in 2013. In fact, the top five jobs on LinkedIn’s 2018 list of ‘Australia’s fastest growing jobs’ are currently not listed in ANZSCO.

As a result, many of the newer jobs that exist in today’s workplace are not included in ANZSCO. This has had a major impact on those seeking to migrate to Australia. Why? The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) uses ANZSCO to form their skilled occupation lists. These skilled occupation lists determine which jobs are eligible to apply for skilled visas such as subclass 482, 186, 494, etc. If newer jobs are not listed in ANZSCO, they cannot be listed in DHA’s skilled occupation lists. This means Australia is missing out on valuable international talent in new and upcoming fields.

Recent visa changes affected by the ‘old’ ANZSCO list

On 4 November 2019, two new Regional Skilled Visas were released (New Skilled Regional Visas coming in November 2019). The occupation lists which determine who can apply for these new visas have been put together from ANZSCO – which is outdated. The ANZSCO ‘Occupation Dictionary’ needs to be reviewed so that new visas can have current and relevant occupation lists.

Review not likely to happen soon

Although many stakeholders are pushing to have the list reviewed, the Government has confirmed that none would occur until after the 2021 census. A spokesperson for the ABS has said “The ABS has advised that the timing of a full review is currently under consideration but would be unlikely before the 2021 census“.

Source: ABC News

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